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An Expression of Grace Clothing Brand.

Founded and Owned by Father and Son.



Kid Entrepreneur, Caleb Brooks, With Support From His Father Brent Brooks,  Have Vision To Clothe The World With Powerful Words of Life & Hope!

"We saw the need for christian clothing that is a clear expression of the finished work of Jesus, the new covenant of grace in Jesus and strongly inspires by reminding people of who they are in Jesus!"   -Brent Brooks (Dad, Co-Founder & Owner)

Ten year old, Caleb, created the Abba Apparel company logo. As that event played out, Brent realized how positive and impactful it is to a child when their ideas and dreams are nurtured and encouraged.

Abba Apparel - "An Expression of Grace Clothing Brand" was birthed. 


"Abba Apparel offers the world comfort, expression & style.   Jesus don't mind a little style."                                                -Caleb Brooks (Son, Co-Founder & Owner)

"I take on the design of adult collections and Caleb brings in the ideas and tweaks for translating those messages into the Children's Collections. We have a blast creating these designs together"                                                                                -Brent