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An Expression of Grace Clothing Brand.

Founded and Owned by Father and Son.

The Double "A" Blogsters

Grace Changed Everything

Brent Brooks

Hi all. We want to give you an avenue for getting to know us and the founders of Abba Apparel. Here is a quote from Co Founder and dad, Brent Brooks. So good!

"It was 1998. 18 years old. I was a rebellious, empty, hurting, aggressive dude. Coping with sex, drugs, alcohol, music and guns.

No hope and no future. Dark.

At the bottom of my own dark hole I looked at a prison sentence that would keep me in prison the rest of my life.

It was in that hole that my grandmothers prayers were answered.

The Holy Spirit of Almighty God penetrated my hard heart and His Words in that bible are alive.

My response to Jesus and all He did for me was YES and He brought me to life!"

- Owner, Brent Brooks

Brent with his grandmother (Mema) Mrs Annie Mae Brooks

Brent with his grandmother (Mema) Mrs Annie Mae Brooks


If you hear the voice of the Lord today speaking to the deepest parts of who you are, do not turn away from Him. He is life and the giver of it. Respond to our Lord and friend Jesus. Yes

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