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An Expression of Grace Clothing Brand.

Founded and Owned by Father and Son.

Excitement In the Air

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Excitement In the Air

Brent Brooks

As if the launch of my 10 year old sons clothing brand Abba Apparel a month ago wasn't enough excitement and stretching on me, lol

It has opened doors for me personally to embark on helping Christians that are struggling with deep inner turmoil just like I have in the past. 

This is very exciting and challenging. But we are in process of creating an amazing Life Coaching and Mentoring Program that we have named "Grace Club" and together we are going to see victory in so many areas of people's lives! This program is focused on Christian men and women who have felt and experienced their walks with God as being somewhat unstable for whatever reasons. Almost like being on a rollercoaster ride. No stability or peace experienced on a consistent basis. 

This was surely what I experienced up until a couple years ago. And I'm like super duper stoked to share the life changing truths that Daddy God has given me with everyone who signs up!

stay tuned - Grace Group is coming very soon 😊

- Brent Brooks (Calebs Dad) 



Grace Club

Grace Club

Together we overcome obstacles! Together we realize victory!